Discovery Day

Meet the founders and the corporate team

Discovery Day is a critical step in your Endurance House franchise exploration- you will get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at our business. Held at our corporate offices in Middleton, Wisconsin, the Discovery Day allows our team to get to know prospective franchisees and for you to do the same! When you are invited to Discovery Day, you will have already been financially qualified and will have conducting due diligence and research on your own to better understand the opportunity and your market. This visit is the culmination of all that hard work- and a chance to interact extensively with the Endurance House Founders and corporate team you would be working with closely for years to come. You will also have the chance to visit our flagship store in Middleton, giving you the opportunity to see our unique model in action and get your questions answered. Discovery Days involve an overnight visit, and are scheduled regularly. Please contact us to learn  more and start the Franchise Process.