Our Model

Why Endurance House

born“People, not places” has been our motto for some time now.  This is because Endurance House is a business built on people working together to redefine their possible.  The “Endurance Lifestyle” (as we call it) isn’t going out of style.  More and more people are finding that healthy, active living is possible through endurance sports.  Our model capitalizes on this as we help our owners deliver Endurance House stores to their communities.  This allows them to create a market of brand enthusiasts, while serving the existing endurance community.

Any passionate endurance enthusiast that wants the excitement and freedom of business ownership should consider Endurance House.  It allows you to develop a business around something that you love!  Something that drives you out of bed every morning, and something that you’re already doing in your spare time.  Now just apply good business practices to a great brand and you’re off and running with your new Endurance House Franchise!

And the model is working!  With seventeen Endurance House owners nationwide, the brand is expanding rapidly.  As we do, we’re looking for new and exciting ways to help our owners become more profitable and work smarter, not harder!  If endurance is your passion, it might be time to own it!